plentyDrive - ElasticSync

ElasticSync for plentyDrive allows you to import records from your local system directly into your plentymarkets system. This way, importing records becomes significantly faster.

  • Before you can use ElasticSync for plentyDrive, you have to create syncs in plentymarkets. For more information on how to create syncs, see Creating a sync.

Using ElasticSync for plentyDrive

When importing data records with plentyDrive, proceed as follows:

  1. Open plentyDrive.
  2. Enter your plentymarkets domain. Use https:// or http://.
  3. Enter your login data.
  4. Click on Login.
    → plentyDrive is logged in to your system.
  5. Click on ElasticSync.
  6. From the SYNC dropdown list, select the sync you want to use for importing your record.
  7. From the ENCODING dropdown list, select the same character set the record file uses.
  8. From the BATCH SIZE dropdown list, select the number of rows you want to import at the same time.
  9. Enter the file path of the record file you want to import. → A new window will show how many rows the file you want to import has and how many batches of imports are necessary to import the complete record.
  10. Click on Run import.
    → A new log entry will show which sync was used for the import and the number of batches imported.

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