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Plugin information

Plugin information - plugin.json

All information about your plugin is defined in a plugin.json file. This file defines the service provider of your plugin, which will be called by plentymarkets to register and run your plugin.

Further reading

    "name"              : "PluginXY",
    "namespace"         : "XY",
    "type"              : "template",
    "version"           : "1.0.0",
    "isClosedSource"    : "Determines if your plugin is closed source or open source",
    "pluginIcon"        : "The plugin icon",
    "description"       : "The description for your plugin",
    "author"            : "Your name",
    "authorIcon"        : "The author icon",
    "email"             : "Your email address",
    "phone"             : "Your phone number",
    "serviceProvider"   : "XY\\Providers\\TemplateServiceProvider",
    "containers"        : [],
    "dataProviders"     : [],
    "javaScriptFiles"   : [],
    "require"           : [],
    "dependencies"      : [],
    "runOnBuild"        : []
Property Description
name The name of your plugin. The plugin name must not yet exist in plentyMarketplace. The name must not contain spaces or special characters, must start with a character and must be written in UpperCamelCase. required
marketplaceName deprecated The name of your plugin which is displayed on the Marketplace. Specify an array for multiple languages, e.g. {"de":"German plugin name","en":"English plugin name"}. optional
namespace The root namespace of your plugin required
type The type of your plugin. The following plugin types are available: required
  • general: type for general plugins
  • template: type for frontend plugins
  • theme: type for theme plugins
  • export: type for new export formats
  • payment: type for payment plugins
  • backend: type for back end plugins
  • shipping: type for shipping plugins
  • widget: type for widget plugins
  • integration: type for integration plugins
version The version of your plugin. Semantic versioning is used for plentymarkets plugins. The MAJOR.MINOR.PATCHformat must be used. required
license deprecated The license type for your plugin required
isClosedSource The value of this field must be of type bool.
True: Makes the plugin code invisible to all customers who buy the plugin (closed source).
False: Makes the plugin code visible to all customers who buy the plugin (open source).
  If no value is specified, the default value is set to false. optional
pluginIcon The file name of the plugin icon, including the file format of the plugin icon, e.g. icon_plugin_xs.png required
price deprecated The price of your plugin in Euro. The value must be of the float type. The price specified in the plugin.json is the plugin's gross price. The price displayed in the marketplace is the net price. For a free plugin, enter a value of 0.00. For paid plugins, the minimum net price is 10.00. required
description The description text for your plugin. The description text is displayed in the plentymarkets back end. required
shortDescription deprecated The short description for your plugin. Specify an array for multiple languages: e.g. {"de":"German short description","en":"English short description"}. The short description is displayed in the detail view of a plugin on plentyMarketplace. required
categories deprecated An array including one category ID which will be linked to the plugin, e.g. ["3518"]. The plugin will be available in this category on plentyMarketplace. Find a list of available categories on plentyMarketplace. required
keywords deprecated An array of keywords describing your plugin optional
author The author of the plugin required
authorIcon The file name with file format of the author icon, e.g. icon_author_xs.png required
email The email address of the author for support issues. The email is displayed in the contact information of the plugin in the plentymarkets back end. optional
phone The phone number of the author for support issues. The phone number is displayed in the contact information of the plugin in the plentymarkets back end. optional
serviceProvider The service provider to hook-up optional
containers An array of containers optional
dataProviders An array of data providers optional
javaScriptFiles An array of JavaScript files. The file name and file format must be specified. optional
require An array or object of dependencies of other plugins including required version, e.g. "IO" or "IO" : "~1.6.0". Find an overview of the notation of versions on Packagist. optional
dependencies An array of dependencies of external SDKs. The external source must be published on Packagist. optional
runOnBuild An array of classes to be executed once when the plugin is deployed optional