External tool requirements

An external tool is a software that provides functionality for a plentymarkets system without being deployed through the plugin structure. To offer a tool on plentyMarketplace, all the plugin requirements must be met, e.g., changelog, user guide, etc.
In addition, you have to provide at least one operational link for the customer to download your tool.

Clone or download external tool plugin example on GitHub

Overview of the differences between external tools and plugins

Find a complete list of all the required information in the plugin.json file not covered by the basic plugin requirements below.

Property Description
Plugin data
type An external tool must be of type tool.required
serviceProvider This field has to be filled with any string.required
isExternalTool The value of this field must be of type bool.
The value true defines the software as an external tool instead of a plugin.
Note: Any external tool requires at least one of the following properties to be filled. required
directDownloadLinks An array of strings that provides direct download links for different operating systems, e.g. "directDownloadLinks" : {"Windows":"download-link", "MacOs":"download-link", "Linux":"download-link"}
forwardLink A string that provides a forward link to a website where the customer can download the tool, e.g. "forwardLink" : "https://download-page.com"

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