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Subscription plugin requirements

Using subscriptions, you can offer your plugins on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis instead of selling them at a fixed price.

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Why subscriptions?

Subscriptions provide your customers with greater flexibility when making purchases. Not only can they try services they would not have considered otherwise, by allowing them to pay less at a time, you provide them with a basis to manage their own expenditures more easily. The same goes for you. If customers subscribe to the service you offer over longer periods of time, you will have a more secure cash flow.

There are other ways to increase customer satisfaction using a subscription model. For example, you may choose to offer your customers discounts when they purchase your service for a year rather than only a month. Subscriptions also provide you with a basis for engaging with your customers regularly. By keeping them engaged, you can elicit feedback more easily and tailor updates specifically to your customers’ needs. Not just that, it gives you a chance to cross-promote other services you may offer.

Take care, however, to not only focus on acquiring new customers, but to cultivate your relationship with existing ones as well. If you do not cater to their needs and give them reasons to continue using your plugin, they may simply unsubscribe from the service you offer.


Before you can use the subscription plugin, you have to meet all required plugin requirements. In addition, you have to provide a valid marketplace.json file.

Overview of the differences between the subscription plugin and other plugins

Below, you can find a complete list of all the required information in the marketplace.json file which is not covered by the basic plugin requirements.

Property Description
Plugin data
subscription An array of objects. Each object must contain an interval, which measures the time between billing occurrences. Possible interval types are:
  • monthly
  • quarterly
  • half-yearly
  • yearly
Not all possible intervals must be provided, but the same interval may not be provided more than once. Each object must also contain the price associated with the interval. This is the price for that subscription interval in Euro. The value must be of the float type. required
offerTrial The value of this field must be of type bool.
True: If a customer subscribes to a plugin for a trial period, the isPaid function of SubscriptionInformationServiceContract returns true for the first 30 days after adding the plugin to the system. The trial period is not renewed when a new version of the plugin becomes available.
False: Customers cannot choose to try the plugin for free.
If no value is specified, the default value is set to false. optional