REST ConvertGuests

convert guests to contacts

convert Guest

converts guest to contact.


Success 200

Field Type Description
id Int The ID of the contact
externalId String The external ID of the contact
number String The number of the contact (previous customer number)
typeId Int The ID of the contact type
firstName String The first name of the contact
lastName String The last name of the contact
fullName String The full name of the contact. A concatenation of first and last name.
email String The private email address of the contact
secondaryEmail String The secondary private email address of the contact
gender String The gender of the contact
title String The title of the contact, e.g. a doctorate
formOfAddress String The form of address for the contact
newsletterAllowanceAt String|\Carbon The time the contact registered for the newsletter as unix timestamp
classId Int The ID of the contact class
blocked Int The blocked status of the contact. Contacts can be blocked for a specific client (store). Possible values:
  • 0 = not blocked
  • 1 = blocked
rating Int The rating of the contact. This rating is for internal use only. 5 red stars are for the worst and 5 yellow stars for the best rating. Possible values:
  • -5 = 5 red stars (worst rating)
  • -4 = 4 red stars
  • -3 = 3 red stars
  • -2 = 2 red stars
  • -1 = 1 red star
  • 0 = 5 grey stars, no rating saved for the contact
  • 1 = 1 yellow star
  • 2 = 2 yellow stars
  • 3 = 3 yellow stars
  • 4 = 4 yellow stars
  • 5 = 5 yellow stars (best rating)
bookAccount String The book account (debtor account) of the contact. An additional, separate number that generally corresponds to the customer number or the debtor number in your financial accounting.
lang String The language of the contact
referrerId Float The origin of the contact
plentyId Int The client (store) that is assigned to the contact
userId Int The owner ID of the contact
birthdayAt String|\Carbon The date of birth of the contact
lastLoginAt String|\Carbon The date of the last login of the contact
lastLoginAtTimestamp String|\Carbon The date of the last login of the contact
lastOrderAt String|\Carbon The date of the last order
createdAt String|\Carbon The date the contact was created
updatedAt String|\Carbon The date the contact was last updated
privatePhone String The private phone number of the contact
privateFax String The private fax number of the contact
privateMobile String The private mobile phone number of the contact
ebayName String The eBay account name of the contact
paypalEmail String The email address of the PayPal account of the contact
paypalPayerId String The PayPal payer id of the contact
klarnaPersonalId String The Klarna personal id of the contact
dhlPostIdent String The DHL PostIdent of the contact
forumUsername String The user name of the contact in the forum
forumGroupId String The ID of the forum group that is assigned to the contact
singleAccess String The access type of the contact
contactPerson String The contact person of the contact
marketplacePartner String The marketplace partner status of the contact
valuta Int The foreign currency of the contact
discountDays Int The early payment discount period in days specified for the account
discountPercent Float The early payment discount in percent specified for the account
timeForPaymentAllowedDays Int The payment due date in days specified for the account
salesRepresentativeContactId Int The salesRepresentative ID of the contact

Errors 4xx

Code Exception Description
401 League\OAuth2\Server\Exception\AccessDeniedException The resource owner or authorization server denied the request.
401 League\OAuth2\Server\Exception\InvalidRequestException The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed. Check the "access token" parameter.

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