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List variations of an item
Create a variation
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Update up to 50 variations

Cross Selling

Create a cross-selling link
List cross-selling links


List item label templates


List barcodes
Create a barcode
List barcodes by type
List barcodes by referrer


List sales prices
Get a sales price
Create a sales price
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SalesPrice Name

List names of a sales price
Create a sales price name
Update a sales price name
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SalesPrice Account

Activate a referrer account

SalesPrice Country

List countries by sales price

SalesPrice Currency

List activated currencies

SalesPrice CustomerClass

List activated customer classes

SalesPrice Referrer

List activated referrers

SalesPrice OnlineStore

List activated clients (stores)

Variation Barcode

Variation marketIdentNumber

Variation Client

Variation Market

Create link between variation and market
List all links between variations and markets
Create up to 50 links between variations and markets
Delete all market links of one variation

Variation DefaultCategory

Variation SalesPrice

Get all sales price relations
Create link between variation and sales price
Delete all links between a variation and its sales prices

Variation Category

Bulk create category links
Bulk update category links

Variation Supplier

Create a link between variation and supplier

Variation Bundle

Variation Warehouse

List the warehouses linked to a variation
Create link between a variation and a warehouse

Variation SKU

Variation Additional SKU


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Manufacturer Commission


List shipping profiles of an item
List all shipping profiles of all items
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Deactivate shipping profiles of an item

Variation Stock

List stock of a variation per warehouse
List stock of a variation per storage locations


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Unit Name

Create a unit name


Create an attribute
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Creates a new attribute map.
Lists all attribute maps.
Creates a new attribute value map.
Lists all attribute value maps.




Create an attribute value name
Get name and language for an attribute value ID


Create an attribute value market name
Search attribute value market names


Create an attribute value image link
List attribute value image link


Create a property
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Create a property name
List the property names


Creates a property selection lang
List property selections by language
Delete a property selection language


Create a property market reference
List property market references

Variation PropertyValue

Create link between variation and property value
List property values linked to a variation
Delete link between variation and property value
Deletes all links between a variation and its property values

Variation PropertyValueText

Variation Description


Create a property group
List property groups
Get a property group
Update a property group
Delete a property group


Create a property group name
List the property group names of a property group
Get a property group name in a language
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Upload a new image
List images of an item

Image Name

Image Availability

Variation Image

List image links of an item


Get an item availability
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List item sets
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ItemSet Config

Get the item set configuration of an item set
Update an item set configuration

ItemSet Component

Get an item set component
List item set components of an item set
Create item set components
Update an item set component
Update item set components
Delete an item set component
Delete item set components