REST plentyMarketplace

Make your Marketplace plugins visible or invisible


Log in to plentyMarketplace.



Field Type Description
email String The email address associated with the service center account.
password String The password associated with the service center account.

Success 200

This call does not have a response output.

Errors 4xx

This call does not have an error output.

Change plugin visibility

Make a plugin visible on invisible on plentyMarketplace.



Header Description
plentyID Cookie from a successful login.


Field Type Description
plentyID Int ID of the plentymarkets system.
itemId Int ID of the plugin on plentyMarketplace.
isActive Bool Set to true to make the plugin visible on plentyMarketplace. Set to false to make it invisible.

Success 200

{ "Status": "Success" }

Errors 4xx

Code Exception Description
403 N/A There is no plugin associated with the given item ID on plentyMarketplace.
{ "Status": "No item found" }