REST Property

List properties
Get system language
Create a property
Update a property
Delete a property
Get property destinations
Get group types from module configuration
Get surcharge types from module configuration
List property options
Create a property option
List availabilities
Create an availability
Get a property name
Create a name
Update a property name
Delete a property name
List property selections
Create a property selection
Get a property relation
List property relations
Create a property relation
Update a property relation
Update relations
Delete a property relation
Delete property relations
Save property relation file to S3
List relation markups
Create a property relation markup
Update a property relation markup
Delete a property relation markup
List property relation values
Create a property relation value
Update multiple property relation value
List property markets
Create a property market
Get a property group
List property groups
Create a property group
Update a property group
Delete a property group
Mass attach propertyId and groupId collection into the pivot table.
Attach a property to a property group
Detach a property from a property group.
Create an group name
List group options
Create a group option
List property amazons
Create one or multiple property amazon
Update one or multiple property amazon