Routes in the system tree

The Terra system tree offers plugin developers the opportunity to register their plugin behind a route. In doing so, the plugin becomes accessible in the system tree like a regular part of Terra. You can read about the different points of entry in the table below. Find an instruction how to register your plugin here.

Plugin positioning

In addition to inserting plugins as desired in menus under System, it is now also possible to determine their position depending on their route. If using a route not mentioned in the list below, a parent node is created with the specified name. It appears underneath the actual entry. In case of several entries whose last part of the route is identical, they are all inserted underneath this part of the route. Thus, only the position of the first entry is considered.

Overview of the routes available in the system tree

The following routes can be accessed by plugins.

Route Full system tree path name
'settings' System » Settings
'settings/user' System » Settings » User
'settings/printer' System » Settings » Printer
'settings/data' System » Settings » Data
'settings/api' System » Settings » API
'settings/properties' System » Settings » Properties
'shop' System » Client
'shop/settings' System » Client » Settings
'shop/settings/modules' System » Client » Settings » Services
'item' System » Item
'item/images' System » Item » Images
'listings' System » Listings
'markets' System » Markets
'markets/price-analysis' System » Markets » Price analysis
'markets/allyouneed' System » Markets » Allyouneed
'markets/amazon' System » Markets » Amazon
'markets/amazon/data-exchange' System » Markets » Amazon » Data exchange
'markets/bol' System » Markets »
'markets/dawanda' System » Markets » DaWanda
'markets/ebay' System » Markets » Ebay
'markets/fruugo' System » Markets » Fruugo
'markets/google' System » Markets » Google
'markets/kauflux' System » Markets » Kauflux
'markets/laredoute' System » Markets » La Redoute
'markets/mercateo' System » Markets » Mercateo
'markets/otto' System » Markets » Otto
'markets/pixmania' System » Markets » PIXmania
'markets/real' System » Markets »
'markets/ricardo' System » Markets » ricardo
'markets/yatego' System » Markets » Yatego
'markets/zalando' System » Markets » Zalando
'stock' System » Stock
'stock/reorder-management' System » Stock » Reorder management
'stock/stock' System » Stock » Stock
'stock/external-stock' System » Stock » External stock
'crm' System » Customers
'crm/ticket-system' System » Customers » Ticket system
'crm/newsletter' System » CRM » Newsletter
'crm/service-units' System » Customers » Service units
'orders' System » Orders
'orders/documents' System » Orders » Documents
'orders/types' System » Orders » Order types
'orders/debt-collection' System » Orders » Debt collection
'orders/credit-rating' System » Orders » Credit rating
'orders/shipping' System » Orders » Shipping
'orders/shipping/provider' System » Orders » Shipping » Shipping service providers
'orders/shipping/fulfillment' System » Orders » Shipping » Fulfillment
'orders/payment' System » Orders » Payment
'cms' System » CMS
'process' System » Processes
plenty app
'plenty-app' System » plenty app