Uploading plugins to plentyMarketplace

If your plugin fulfils the requirements, you can upload your plugin to plentyMarketplace.

First, add your plugin to the plentymarkets inbox and deploy the plugin. Then, proceed as follows to upload your plugin:

  1. Open the plentymarkets back end.

  2. Go to Plugins » Plugin overview.

  3. Click on the plugin that you want to upload to plentyMarketplace.
    → A new tab will open.

  4. Check the plugin information, i.e. description, images, changelog and configuration.

  5. Click on Marketplace upload.
    → The Marketplace upload window will open.

  6. Click on Upload.
    → The plugin will be uploaded to plentyMarketplace.

  7. The plugin requires a review by plentymarkets.
    → The plugin will be made available on plentyMarketplace after the review.

  8. Log in to plentyMarketplace and go to the My Partner portal page to check the review status of your plugin.

Uploading a new plugin version

When updating a plugin, the new version of the plugin must also be uploaded. Note that the following tasks must be taken into consideration when updating a plugin:

  • Update the change log

  • Update the user guide

  • Update the version in the plugin.json

  • Deploy the plugin in a plugin set

  • Upload the plugin to plentyMarketplace