Template setup

When developing your own plugin to extend your online store, you may want to use the default plentymarkets design as a starting point. It is comprised of two plugins:

By including them via Git, you can modify them according to your needs. This page describes how to add plentyShop LTS and IO from GitHub to your plentymarkets system and the existing branches.

Adding plentyShop LTS and IO to your system

  1. Open the back end of your plentymarkets system.

  2. Go to Plugins » Git.

  3. Click on Add new Repository.
    The repository settings are displayed.

  4. Enter the plentyShop LTS repository URL as well as any user name and token into the respective fields.

  5. Change the branch you want to check our during installation to either stable or beta. See below for more information on the various branches.

  6. Save the settings.
    plentymarkets checks and establishes the connection to the Git repository.

Repeat the above steps for the IO plugin. Once you have added both plugins, install them in a plugin set:

  1. Go to Plugins » Plugin overview.

  2. Select the plugin set you want to work in or create a new one via the Create new set button.

  3. Filter for uninstalled plugins, then install the newly added plentyShop LTS and IO plugins one after the other.
    NOTE that you cannot install these plugins if you have already installed the Marketplace versions in the same set.

  4. Change the Position of the plugins, so that IO has the highest value and plentyShop LTS the second highest.

  5. Click on Save & publish plugin set.

plentyShop LTS release cycle

Two branches of the plentyShop LTS and IO repositories are important to describe the release cycle of the design: Development, Beta and Stable.

Branch Description


The Beta branch is the main branch for plentymarkets 7 systems in beta status. It is recommended to use the Beta branches of our repositories for a beta system. The Stable branches will also work with beta systems, but certain features or fixes released when Development branches are merged into the Beta branches are not available in Stable branches yet. The Beta branches will be merged into Stable approx. every 2 weeks and the new Stable branches will be released.


The Stable branch are the main branch for plentymarkets 7 systems in stable status. It is recommended to use the Stable branches of our repositories for a stable system. The Beta branches will not necessarily work with stable systems. It is possible that certain menus or features of plentymarkets do not work if you check out and use Beta branches in a stable system. Approx. every 2 weeks, the new Stable branches will be released.

Other branches

Other branches of our repositories are work-in-progress branches of plentymarkets developers. It is not recommended to use these branches in a beta or stable system.