plentyShop plugins

Welcome to the developers documentation for the plentyShop plugins plentyShop LTS and IO.

On here, you will find ressources that help you customise your online shop template. If you find anything we can improve, make sure to leave a feedback comment at the bottom of the respective page or by clicking the speech bubble in the upper right corner.

plentyShop LTS & IO

Our Template guide is your entry point for developing for plentyShop.

If you’re looking for changes between older Ceres versions and plentyShop LTS, the Update guide will prove useful.

We’ve also expanded the reference documentation on properties and methods used in plentyShop LTS' and IO’s PHP classes.


If you want to customise widgets or work on your own, you should begin with the ShopBuilder tutorial^.

Visit our forum

If there are issues that cannot be solved in the Developer Talk, you can always open a new thread in our forum. Dependinn on its compelxity, tt might take a few days before our developers can have a look at your issue. Either open a new topic in our plentyShop LTS category or in the category for plugin development.

You want to contribute?

The plugins plentyShop LTS and IO are open source. If you want to contribute to our projects, you’ll find a handy contribution guide in the plentyShop LTS plugin repository.


If you’re looking for user documentation instead of dev-docs, you will find it in our plentyManual. The pages on setting up plentyShop LTS and working with ShopBuilder are great entry points.